Get ready for a Very Rookie Summer

Is this your first year of motherhood? No experience? A true rookie? Where will you be going with your baby? To Mazatlan or to the mall? Either way, we’re interested in your adventure– and so are other moms who are trying to figure out how to fill their days.

This one time? at band camp? In a movie theater? My 7-week old’s diaper leaked up to his neck and I had to strip him naked on the floor of the theater. ~ True story by Rookie Mom Whitney

We’ll post a different mom’s contribution each week until Summer is over.

Beginner’s version: Tell us about one thing you did with your baby. Include a picture and tell us where you were when you took it.

Advanced version: Describe your activities, big and little. Tell us where you went and what you did. Feel free to name specific destinations so that moms in your neighborhood can discover them. If you need inspiration, browse the Rookie Mom archives by the age of your baby and incorporate one of those missions.

To play along, email your story to and put “A Very Rookie Summer” in the subject line. Attach one or more pictures of your very adorable sidekick. Bonus points if you’re in the picture. Don’t forget to include how old your child is and where you live. And a Twitter handle if you have one.