Activity #437: Get high on fidelity

Here’s a fun little activity to squeeze in during naptime this week. Try this suggestion excerpted from the book If You Give a Mom a Martini…100 Ways to Find 10 Blissful Minutes for Yourself to bring back that loving feeling (before its gone gone gone):

TOOLS NEEDED: Wedding album and/or video

Holy Matrimony! Is that really you in that white dress? Pop in your wedding video, or dust off your wedding album and remind yourself of the romantic time when it was just you and your husband.

Remember the way you looked at each other.

Relive your first dance.

Ask yourself what on earth you were thinking when you chose those chartreuse bridesmaids’ dresses. And dream about the days when you could see a movie on a whim, sleep until noon, and have sex any time you wanted.


Sure, he had more hair, and you were a size smaller back then. But really, don’t you agree that life has only gotten sweeter now that you’ve got a family? (Here’s the part where you say, “I do!”)

First dance as a married couple, soon to be knocked up
First dance as a married couple

Hee hee. My first son was our honeymoon baby; I like to look back at the wedding album and remember all the details each year on our anniversary. But why not right now?!

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