Genes work

For those seeking more toddler advice from us, here’s the piece that goes with this picture: when you take your toddler camping, instead of s’mores, just a plain graham cracker will do. They will be none the wiser and you will save yourself from cleaning sticky marshmallow and chocolate off of fingers and hair.

camping at henry cowell state park
camping at henry cowell state park

Next, do you noticed the tremendous size difference between these two kids? They are four months apart. Do you think there’s any chance in hell that Scarlett will be Milo’s size in four months? Looks like not.

Of course there was a notable difference when Scarlett was born and Milo was 4 months old. We put them next to each other and laughed at it. I thought by now they’d be about the same. But, if you have seen me and Heather (see sidebar) you can definitely tell who belongs with whom, no? In fact, over the 12 years that we’ve been friends, we have noticed that in photos of the two of us, Heather’s head always looks much bigger and so we have established a habit of her leaning slightly back and me leaning slightly forward when we are photographed together so that our heads don’t look so different.

Seeing our babes next to each other like this tells me that we are going to have to coach them on the same technique.

Big heads, little heads, they’re cute anyway, right?