Gabbing on Baby naming

Baby Naming Rules

On, where we contribute a couple of times each month, an article about baby names caught my eye: 22 Baby Naming Rules Worth Following.

The “rules” were submitted by parents who were surveyed, and most make sense to me. See: No yooneek spellings.  Name your son (or daughter) Peyton or even Payton.  But not Peighton, Patyn, or Paitynne.

Rule #3 is the one I broke when we chose the names Julian and Scarlett just because we liked them: A first name should ideally embody some kind of meaning.  That might be family or ethnic significance, literal meaning, or even that you’ve loved it since you were seven.  A name with meaning is going to have more staying power than one you choose simply because it’s attractive.

Here’s another good one: Don’t let anyone pressure you into or out of a name.  It’s the Number 1 reason behind baby name regret.

And this one I may have followed subconciously, but I never actually did the math: Ideally, first, middle, and last names will be unequal numbers of syllables. So 3-1-2 tends to work better than 2-2-2. (My son is 3-1-3 and my daughter is 2-1-3, while I am 2-4-1. I think those of you who have one-syllable last name probably were more aware of this.)

Read all the rules of baby naming over on Giggle>

My own submission this month fell under the theme of budget conscious: 5 Easy Ways New Moms Can Pay it Forward — Saving Time and Money.

And stay tuned to the Giggle GAB blog for Heather’s upcoming post about hand-me-downs. With three boys, and a degree in engineering, she can figure this out if anyone can.

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