Fuse together rock and jock

If I was the craftier Rookie Mom, I would have already made this for you to admire. You would love not only the creative idea, but also the skilled execution. Alas, I can sometimes get the iron-ons to work and my kid pants still don’t yet have elastic in them…

Know parents who have two different interests or backgrounds? Make a fusion gift that represents both of them. Examples: Jewish and Chinese, or doctor and teacher. Keep it simple with a pillow that has a different fabric on each side, or get all crazy like La La Ling and contrast arms with torso on a shirt.

Our future geekIf you don’t want to pigeon-hole your baby like we did by proclaiming Holden would be a geek before he could even roll over (see his “future geek” t-shirt), let baby display two different sides of her imagined-future personality with one of these outrageous concert t-shirt and team jersey combos from La La Ling.

Or get extra creative and try your hand at making something like this. I’d love to see your results even if you only get half done!