Free online advice for new moms

The best things in life are free, guys, right? That includes making a baby*, and if you insist, you can give birth to that baby for free in your backyard or bed. But then what?

I asked our Facebook community of more than 10,000 moms what they found most useful — so useful they’d share it with a friend who had a new baby — and while many named products to buy, like the Nosefrida Snotsucker, or books to buy, like these, many shared resources for free advice.

Here’s what you smart moms wanted to share with the rookies:

Easy how to make a Moby Wrap tutorial. No sewing required.

  1. How to make your own Moby wrap

  2. Follow @nancyholtzman on twitter. She answers all questions at all hours!
  3. “Always take the baby’s socks off when changing a messy diaper.” Good one.
  4. Subscribe to Lucie’s List, the lowdown on everything from pregnancy, birth, carseats, and life after baby.
  5. “Have a lactation consultant come to your house as soon as you get home from the hospital (better yet, have one you’ve interviewed come to the hospital) because the ones there are crap.”
  6. Cloth diapering resource Padded Tush Stats 
  7. Dr. Sears’ website 
  8., for compassionate parenting advice and a wonderfully nonjudgmental group of readers/ commenters.
  9. Hygiea Kate, the founder of Hygiea breastpumps, also offers support on Twitter.

*I want to acknowledge that some of us have to invest boatloads of money into making a baby and I am truly sorry for that. It’s not fair. The end.