Free Father’s Day card from Treat

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I think you guys know how much easier it is to get cards in the mail if someone else does the mailing.

If you missed the free Father’s Day card offer from Treat earlier this week, I have good news for you: the promo code is good until 5/31.

If you’re not familiar with Treat, they are just like regular greeting cards except much better. You get to choose your own message, add photos, and even pick your own fonts. Do the whole thing online, enter the address and pay. In this case, if you’ve never ordered with them before, they’re offering a free card if you order today or tomorrow.

When I first saw this one, I thought it was the obvious choice for Heather since her husband has three sons.


Then I got excited when I remembered that my own dad has three kids. We may not be as cute as those boys in the pictures above, or Heather’s boys, but I think my siblings and I will do.

Also? Who doesn’t like a Star Wars reference on Father’s Day?


To get the card totally free, have it shipped to you (not your dad). Then you can sign it and write a message in your own writing. For the cost of a stamp, you can have Treat mail it directly to the recipient. And since it’s still a few weeks to Father’s Day, you can even choose the delivery date.


Here’s how to get the deal:

1. Check out the selection of nearly 500 Father’s Day designs and choose your favorite card. (The hardest part.)
2. Upload pictures, choose your font and message, and preview the card to make sure it’s right.
3. Use promo code TREATDAD when you checkout.

Reminder — and thanks to all the readers who pointed this out — the promo code is only good for first-time customers.

Do it now before you get distracted by something else on the Internet >