Food prep for the soon-to-be mom-of-3

My old former roommate Marla has two daughters, age 3 and 4 and a new baby expected within the next couple weeks. Her sisters-in-law (one with three kids and the other with twin one-year-olds) knew exactly what she needed in lieu of a baby shower: food for the freezer!

Jen and Julie combined a few of my favorite ideas into one and I attended the “Let’s make dinner for Marla (and ourselves)” not a shower party last night! I’m only sorry I didn’t think of it first.

Between having fun chatting it up with Marla’s friends and leaving with three dinners and side dishes, it was absolutely brilliant. Am I gushing? Sorry, but come on…

[dinner prep place] + [food for new mom] x [fun evening out] = genius

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