Flashback Friday: And so That was Christmas*

This morning over cereal, my sons conducted a post-mortem review of Christmas.

At first, Holden ran to the homemade advent calendar and rearranged the order of some of our activities. He objected to my sequencing and spacing. He wanted to front-load a few things and move them closer together.

He also asked if he could write in a few more activities and that’s when the morning devolved into a funny critique of our family’s month of December. He added, “make gingerbread house” and “Merry Christmas” and then Milo wanted to get in on the action.

They added a few new ideas to the mix as well as some things we should definitely not do next year. In order to NOT have the gingerbread house overtaken by ants, “Put down ant spray” is now on the advent list. So we can avoid the wrath of Santa Claus, we have a reminder on the 24th to “do NOT video Santa”.

I have to admit that I love their enthusiasm for visiting family and snow in person next year. It was wonderful to do Christmas in our new home, but I miss the chance to see my siblings and squeeze their babies is person (Next year, in Ohio, God willing).

Finally, there was a love note or two written directly to the big man, Santa Claus. This one is my favorite:

every person likes you, santa

In case you can’t read five-year-old, it says, “every person likes you, santa.”

How was Christmas at your house? What would your kids tell me?


*Post title inspired by Bossy who was presumably inspired by John Lennon.