Flashback Friday: My favorite 2010 posts from Heather

I loved seeing what Heather picked as her favorite posts of mine last year. Here’s my response: seven posts from Heather that are worth re-reading.

Running away from the first day of K: Heather’s rookie kid goes to Kindergarten and she feels cheated that she didn’t get the perfect picture of him to capture the milestone. But in fact, she did.

Is Blood Thicker Than Corn Syrup: In which Heather ponders one of the top 10 mommy blogger scandals of the year from the perspective of a Midwestern girl-gone-California hippie.

The Most Expensive Egg We’ll Ever Eat: Speaking of hippies, they took on urban chicken-raising and they’re not the only ones! A fair number of commenters posted their enthusiasm for the project.

5 things I’ve learned from Whitney: That’s right, enough about Heather; what does Heather think of ME?

Our First Happy Halloween: Victory! The vision of costumed kids and trick-or-treating comes to fruition after four previously disappointing experiences, all documented with photos.

The Case Against Family Dinner: In which Heather, who is quite married to her self-imposed rules and deadlines considers whether a perfectly managed schedule is really so perfect. And her husband is depicted eating dinner in an undershirt. Love it.

5 Strategies to Put the Happy In Your Holidays: In which my friend sets her sights on a tear-free visit with the in-laws and digs through The Happiness Project and The Happiest Mom to give herself strength.

Honorable mention: Heather receives a cookbook for review, and dedicates tens of hours, hundreds of dollars and three or four posts to evaluating it within an inch of its life. It is with this level of intensity that she wants to give new moms the most helpful advice possible. You all are in good hands.