Flashback Friday: Heather’s favorite 2011 posts by Whitney

Whitney and I have been friends for more than 15 years. Like her, I’ve been surprised that working together has been so easy. But I’m not surprised it has been so fun. The girl can walk on her hands and do cartwheels in either direction after all.

We go together like butter cream and cupcakes

Since she said all those nice things about me last week, I present seven of her posts that stuck with me:

I am a holiday card ho this year. (Ho ho ho!) — ok, seriously, who does this?

The one where we all judge Tom and Katie (and yet I’m the one thrown under the bus?!)

Inside our closet: What’s in my kids’ dress-up boxes
, Whitney has an eclectic array of costume choices for her littles. It is fun to peek.

Moms on bikes (part deux). I love that she featured moms around the world cycling with small children, including one of my longtime buddies in Denmark, 9 months pregnant.

Create a Modern Family picture, this activity is based on a funny outing we did together. In an ironic twist, Whit lost all photographic evidence and sent her sister out to repeat.

3 parenting tips that have completely failed me. Because we live in the real world and not a magazine.

On housecleaning and toenail clipping.

Whitney wants our photographs to be beautiful but our words to be realistic. For me that comes through in this mixed bag of blog posts. What do you think?