Flashback Friday: giggle link love for March

My giggle product picks are all about hitting the road in your stroller. Did you know that there are clever accessories to make your walks a little smoother? Especially useful for those times when you end up trying to carry the baby with one arm, push the stroller with the other, and balance groceries with the third. Wait, what was I saying?

Mommy hook. Another answer to the need for a third hand. This hook keeps your bags in one place. Fits most strollers.

Rain shield. Simple, practical, breathable rain shield. Now just mommy gets all wet in the rain.

Bottle holder. Works for your drinks as well as baby’s bottles.

Umbrella stroller airplane check bag. Keep it clean in the baggage hold.

More accessories like activity trays, cup holders, and foot cozies designed for your model of stroller.

We were post-happy in March on our giggle column, Parent Talk. Here are five most recent articles from us:

bouncyseatbjorn 5 Reasons You Need a Bouncy Seat A third and fourth arm that grows out of one’s body after childbirth would be handy, but it still wouldn’t help when you need to get in the shower.  That’s why I am a big fan of a bouncy seat that can be dragged all over the house. Here are the daily routines that make having a portable baby chair worthwhile…Read the rest on giggle.com »

Getting Ready For Solids Though babies continue to get most of their nutrition and calories from milk or formula for the whole first year, learning to enjoy different tastes and textures is a foundation for a lifetime of eating. No pressure or anything, huh? Read the rest on giggle.com »

parent_talk_baby_mom_blowing_bubbles_spring_iStock_000016807041Small_sborisovSpring Fun with a Baby Since I’ve now given birth in September, February and May, I have taken a baby through spring at various ages and stages. Baby nursing so frequently, you can hardly leave the house? I’ve been there. Baby so wiggly you MUST leave the house? Been there too! Regardless of my baby’s age, though, I seem to be pushing a stroller and narrating the world to some little guy… Read the rest on giggle.com »

RetroOn Becoming a Laundress We absorb imagery of motherhood that from television commercials and greeting  cards long before we become mothers ourselves. Cooking and cleaning are high on the list of activities we learn keep mothers busy, but it seems hard to believe. While I was pregnant, my daydreams were filled with gurgling baby noises, cute bodysuits, and confidence that I would be teaching my child to read before Kindergarten. I did not see myself as a soon-to-be maven of the laundry room or kitchen. Read the rest on giggle.com »

Parent_Talk_Baby_in_bathtub_iStock_000015339331SmallBathing a Baby My first baby got a bath every other night and he pretty much still does. Meanwhile, my third child has been in the tub about 5 times in as many months. FIVE. That is not a typo. Rather than get all the supplies out for him, we prefer to bring him in the shower as needed. Read the rest on giggle.com »

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