Flashback Friday: A teen in her environs

This is me in my bedroom in high school.  I’d guess it’s 1990.

I had my own telephone line, on which I spent a lot of time. Do you see my answering machine?  All my friends had a kids’ line in their house and an answering machine. Spoiled!

Other bits of awesome in this photo:

  • The porcelain face/tissue dispenser on the bottom shelf.  Kleenex came out through the mouth. My friends loved this.
  • I slept on a futon. We’re weird in California. What can I say?
  • Scrunchy in my hair. I probably made it with my friend Marika on her mom’s ancient sewing machine out of fabric we bought at Salvation Army. If there had been blogging back then, she and I would have had an awesome DIY one.
  • Cassette tape on the floor. Probably a homemade mix.
  • It looks to me like I’m studying for the SAT. On the phone, natch.
  • Wrestling shoes by Asics. Weird trend, yes, but I rocked them.
  • The poster on the wall of three toddlers, a boy kissing a girl as a jealous girl looks on. A nice gift from my high school boyfriend, that turned ironic when he turned 20 and left me for another girl. I hated the picture after that. Obviously.

What you can’t see: a list of “baby names” on my bulletin board, proclaiming all the first and middle names I would be bestowing on my future children. My best friend’s list was there, too. She’s got three kids and I’ve got two, and I don’t think we used a single one of our then-favorites.

Thoughts? Do you miss your answering machine? Did you use the baby names you came up with in high school?

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