Finding the fun in bedrest

Goody box to bring fun to your bed restA colleague of mine told me that his wife is on bed rest and she’s only 21 weeks. Yikes. It got me to wondering about the fun you can have when you’re bed bound and I wanted to tap into the collective experience of the Internets.

I imagine that would want to mix it up between activities I’d enjoy alone and ones that would keep my visitors entertained (and coming back for more).

  • My mind first went to board games: Travel Scrabble, Carcassonne, Trivial Pursuit — I love games and this seems like a good excuse. We played Travel Scrabble on our honeymoon and also in the hospital after childbirth.
  • Then there’s the array of DVD boardless games: Scene It is the one I’m most familiar with and it’s a good time without the board.
  • The Internet itself is a time-suck and can be a money suck if you stumble onto the shopping sites (and what site isn’t a shopping site these days? *please start your Amazon spree here if you must shop*)
  • As long as you’re shopping, get ahead and do any errands you can from your bed-headquarters. Pre-buy birthday gifts and holiday gifts for the next couple months, shop around for your favorite birth announcements, and find an online grocery delivery company you like.
  • Reading… yep, old fashioned and can be refreshing and wonderful. If you’re on pregnancy bed rest, do yourself and your mate a favor and alternate parenting books with real fun books
  • What about knitting? That’s a good sitting down hobby, right? I bought my yarn but I haven’t learned yet
  • Reach out to friends. Clean out your email and cell phone contacts and send some nice emails. Gosh, do you have time to write a real letter? Do it.
  • TV: TiVo, Netflix, iTunes, and onDemand offer alternatives to watching old reruns (now you can watch those same early Cosby Shows without commercials!), but my bed rest suggestion would be to make little goals such as watching all the best pictures from a certain decade or seeing all episodes of Alias in order.

For my research, I stumbled upon this “bringing fun to bedrest gift box” [pictured] and I love the idea of it! So smart. I might alter the contents to be a little healthier or decadent, but I’ve become a cocoa snob so don’t go by me.

Also, during my research (AKA googling), I found this handy little excerpt from on bed rest:

Get organized: Being confined to the bed does not mean that you cannot be productive, whether it is accomplishing things for your family, your home, or just doing something for yourself. Having things at your fingertips will make things easier. Here is a checklist of items you may want near the bed or couch:

* Telephone, directory and address book
* Pens, pencils and paper
* Brush, comb, and mirror
* Books, magazines, or other reading materials
* Remote controls to TV and VCR
* Laptop computer
* Cosmetics, nail files, etc.

Once you’ve set up this station for pregnancy-related bed rest, it can transition nicely into a nursing station when baby finally does arrive!