Activity #326: Find your celebrity baby match

Are you pregnant right now? Like, at the same time as Kerry Washington? If so, then you will forever be linked (in your mind, sorry!) as celebrity baby matches.

Is Kerry Washington your celebrity baby match?

So, if you are obsessing over the Kimya baby or have memorized more than the normal person’s share of information about Kate Winslet’s third child, we’re telling you that’s okay.

For example, I know that Tori Spelling got married the same weekend as me, and we are pregnant two of the same times (but then she kept going, it can be hard to keep up!). Regardless, we are cosmically linked whether she observes it or not. And Julia Roberts and our Whitney were pregnant at the same time — both times! Let’s get a playdate together next time we’re all in town.

Once you find your celebrity baby match, take pictures of your baby in similar outfits or situations as what you find in the press. Enjoy yourself now, and when your child is old enough to realize how crazy that makes you… you can all have a good laugh. Like our friend Lisa below.

Lisa and Britney are celeb baby doubles

[Pictured: Kerry Washington at the Golden Globes 2014 GETTY and the real Britney and Sean P and the real Lisa and Finn H]