Activity #395: Find a new bookstore

Now, Louie!Today we went to Piedmont for a birthday brunch and found ourselves with 20 minutes to kill and a dirty diaper to deal with. Magically, I looked up to find that we were standing in front of Lucciola, a children’s bookstore. It was the type of place that Meg Ryan would have had in You’ve Got Mail, if only she lived in Oakland instead of New York City. The bathroom is open to customers and has a changing table. There is a story time room behind the main bookshelf shopping area that has a mural on the wall. Julian immediately walked in there and pointed animatedly to the rugs. Apparently he liked the interior design.

The owner of Lucciola was behind the counter and was very enthusiastic about the activities she was hosting this week. She proudly told me that Meng, the author of “Now, Louie”, had been there yesterday, drawing personalized pictures for the kids.

Action item: Look for an independent book store near you. Although the retail giants B&N and Borders have their own appeals, some of the little guys offer even more charm. And cleaner bathrooms.

Update: Lucciola has closed. All the more reason to frequent these independent stores. Let’s keep them in business!

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