Activity #183: Find a kid-friendly coffee shop

On recent raining days when I’ve been having a very very hard time getting motivated to get out of the house with my sidekick, I have been thinking about how lucky I am to have several baby and toddler-friendly coffee shops to choose from.

For me, what makes a coffee shop friendly for parents is a corner with toys to keep them busy and a bathroom with a changing table. In Oakland, we have an amazing place called Sadie Dey’s Cafe, which has a huge play area for kids and wi-fi for adults. There is a full menu of food for everyone (including babyfood). There are cubbies for your shoes, and coffee holders mounted high up on the wall all around the space, along with purse hooks, so that the toddlers don’t get into anything they shouldn’t be touching (like MY LATTE!)

sadie dey's cafe

When my MIL and SIL came to visit and I brought them to Sadie Dey, they were totally blown away and insisted there is nothing like this in Minneapolis. Are they right?

I would love to have a round-up here, if y’all would do me the favor of commenting on your favorites in your neighborhood.

Red Tricycle has this post on Seattle favorites for parents.