Fearless Friday: Erica lets Daddy do his thing

Today we’re hearing Erica’s story as our third Fearless Friday post. Have your own to share? Send it in!

My boyfriend, Andre, and I are first-time parents. My daughter Jordan is a preemie and was born three months early. She remained in the hospital for five months before we welcomed her home. Naturally since she’s been home, I’ve been a little over-protective and will admit to sheltering her more than I need to.

She was so tiny and I didn’t think anyone would know what to do with her in the event of an emergency if I wasn’t there. For a long time, I was scared to leave Jordan with anyone. Even Andre, her father.

Andre lives in Pennsylvania and I live in New York. When he asked to take Jordan with him to his house for the week while I rested at home, without hesitation, my answer was “NO.” End of conversation. I refused to let him watch her for more than a few hours, let alone a few days.  However, eventually we came to an agreement.  I agreed to watch him take care of her — with little to no supervision — at my house for a week.  Depending on how he did, we would talk about him taking Jordan to his house.

It wasn’t easy to refrain from doing certain things like feeding and bathing her, but I did stand back and just let him do it instead.

Two months later I finally agreed to do the unthinkable. Granted he overfed her once or twice. And yes, he gave her a bath inside of a plastic shoebox instead of her tub because he didn’t know the difference. But, I knew that he would never get the hang of parenthood with me watching over his shoulder.  So I put my fears aside and let him take his daughter with him to Pennsylvania for a week.

Since then, we haven’t looked back. Jordan is now one year old and goes with her dad every weekend. I have been able to catch up on some sleep, and Andre has been able to bond with his daughter. We haven’t had any problems to date, other than a slight cold and runny nose they both had when they came back to New York, which was from me (but he doesn’t know that. Shhhhhh).

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