Activity #38: Take a sensory tour around the block

Whitney ran into my friend Jeanine outside her house. Jeanine was helping her 9-month old daughter, Pepper, touch some furry lavender sticking out from Whitney’s garden, and didn’t realize whose house it was. The girls had been going on a sensory tour of the neighborhood.

Try it yourself to keep the neighborhood walks interesting:

  1. Stop and smell the flowers.
  2. Lean in so your baby can touch a fuzzy leaf.
  3. Look at the bright colors and shadows.
  4. Step on crunchy leaves and sticks, rustle paper or candy wrappers (err, I mean Luna Bar).
  5. Are you eating or drinking something your baby can share? Squeezable applesauce maybe?

This is your 38th challenge. This baby tour of your block is great preparation for walking with a toddler.

Share your experiences in the comments.

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