Excited for BlogHer ’10

As I write this, I’m sitting in very Upstate New York enjoying the family vacation. I’m in an old tee-shirt and my “action pants” (some fast-drying capri length ready-for-anything pants that used to fit me). I’m fantasizing –just a bit– about hopping on a train tomorrow for five hours of “me” time so I can read my book.

That said, I’m super duper excited about the BlogHer conference too! I know I’m forgetting a lot of things, but this is what I’m looking forward to in no particular order:

  1. sparklecorn. unicorn cake.
  2. seeing eat blog run gals and running or run/walking in a sparkleskirt or  tutu for Tanner (I promise, this is my last sparkle item on the list!)
  3. attending blogher business… and learning some stuff about bizness thanks to winning a free pass from BlogHer!
  4. hanging out at the huggies booth to spread the word about every little bottom
  5. signing our book in the blogher book store. Yeehaw!
  6. riding (or watching like a loser) the mechanical bull while dining with pals from healthychild
  7. visiting one of my best friends, ella, and my sister and only nephew, big shai during all that down time
  8. meeting in person, and greeting with hugs, both alli worthington and meagan francis
  9. going solo (aka sans whitney my security blanket) to the ezpz party
  10. learning how to hone my writing craft. if there’s time, that is.

Basically, it’s a whirlwind of wonderfulness and exhaustion that I’m really looking forward to. But, for now, I have a few more moments of starry skies and the great outdoors!