Enjoying the Kindergym at the Berkeley YMCA

Ahhh yes, another “free” (with paid membership) place to hang out with my feisty toddler on rainy day.

Holden can find all the squashed balls in the ball pit before climbing in and around the train structure, then meander over to the bouncy house, and finally contemplate the climbing wall.

My three complaints:

  1. Lock your stuff up; some nasty person stole my cash out of a poorly locked backpack
  2. Purell dispenser is always empty; sometimes I feel like I need to bathe in it if I’ve been in the ball pit with a runny-nosed kid
  3. Leave the big kids at home: I’m not sure what twos and threes look like (yet) so I’m always wondering about some of the taller, more aggressive kids that wander into baby gym. Saturday mornings should be safe for babies.

We have made a tradition out of going to the baby gym (supposedly only for kids under-three) at 9:15 on Saturday mornings now that Holden has kicked his morning nap. Followed up by the Berkeley Farmer’s Market, we feel very productive indeed. If we were really feeling ambitious, we could head across the street to Habitot, but I think at this point, we’ve earned brunch.

Bottom line: a great Saturday morning activity; just bring your own Purell and leave your $$ in the car.