Activity #389: Scope out some big wheels

These days, every time I open the front door to reveal our busy street, Julian asks, “Where fiyah twuck is?”
“I don’t know,” I usually lie.

But the truth is, I know exactly where a fire truck is. In fact I just realized that we have an hour to kill between when he wakes up and when we need to be home to interview a new babysitter, so if I was just a little motivated, I could walk us 13 blocks to the fire station and let him see the darn thing up close and personal. Write that down on your list of “Five Places To Go When Being In The House Has Lost Its Charm.” Single moms, I think this is a worthwhile outing for you, too :-)

More anecdotal evidence that this is a worthwhile activity: Sharon reports that she was visiting a friend with a toddler and they were unable to have a conversation. Her friend asked if she minded taking a drive. They put the kid in the car and drove to a construction site and proceeded to have their adult conversation in peace while the little boy focused on the diggers and backhoes.

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