Eggs, a dozen things to love

There are many areas in which Whitney and I agree… this site is mostly a fabulous collaborative effort of mutuality. Should moms have more fun with their babies? Yes! Should moms get nights off from their babies on a regular basis? Hell yeah! And on and on.

But there are areas in which we disagree: Mac or PC? TomTom or Garmin? Blackberry or iPhone? Hard-boiled egg: yea or nay?

Dear Little Egg,
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Here are twelve fantastic things about you eggs scrambled with bits of trivia from my own life (because its my blog):

  1. I love you for all three meals of the day. I *heart* hard-boiled eggs so much, I often buy 2 dozen eggs at the store each week to compensate for my habit.
  2. You can be tough. I hard-boil 12 using my fool-proof method and save the other 12 for other eggy needs throughout the week: Put eggs in a single layer in a big pot of cold water with about an inch of water above. Cover. Bring to boil. Turn off the heat. Keep eggs in this hot water for 10 minutes. Plunge into ice bath.
  3. You are convenient. Hard-boiled eggs fit in the boys’ lunchboxes. Neatly. Sometimes they get eaten. This week (“national egg salad week”), one egg came back home with shell 70% in tact but the yolk missing. I don’t know how Milo pulled that off. [note: if your toddler is too picky for eggs, try some of these foods]
  4. You have made us laugh. One time last year, I sent a raw egg instead of a cooked one in Milo’s school lunch. One year-old Milo was apparently quite surprised when it cracked all over his lunch table. Oops.
  5. I won’t be fooled again. To keep the raw and the cooked from getting all mixed up, what about boiling one color and keeping the other raw in the fridge? We also clearly label the boxes.
  6. You are educational. I like to draw faces or write words on the eggs with a Sharpie.
  7. You build strength in others. Holden will eat a full HB egg if I let him play with the salt shaker. And when he sees me do it. This lets me sneak in some protein at breakfast.
  8. You are always ready to go. I also add these HB eggs to my lunchtime salad if I don’t have leftover chicken or beef. With the rest of my family being a little tough to get out the door, I can count on you!
  9. You can be fancy when you need to be. Last night, we ate dinner at Nopa, an innovative local restaurant. We ordered a beef salad that had itty bitty chopped hard-boiled egg as part of the dressing.
  10. You are cheap thrifty. Hello recession. Eggs are super cheap protein. I’m glad we’ve found ways to eat them for all 3 meals of the day.
  11. You help me get dinner on the table. The simple frittata is my go-to meal on Thursday nights. I preheat the oven about 400ish, oil up the pan, toss in whatever veggies I can find, scramble up about half a dozen eggs with water, milk, or cheese, pour them into the pan, cook it until I think I have about 10 minutes left on the kids’ shows, then put it in the oven. If I was using bacon grease, the frittata slides right out (and we all need to go wash our faces) and if not, it gets stuck. No matter. It’s easy, my kids will eat it and we all get some veggies.
  12. You helped my lose the weight. When we embarked on our “weight management plan for new moms,” Whitney and I both made eggs for breakfast nearly every day.

Love always,

Thanks to the Parent Bloggers and The Incredible Edible Egg for giving me the excuse and inspiration to write my egg love letter.

[photo from coolmompicks]