Eating my own dogfood, Months 7 to 9

Though I feel a bit guilty for not checking off more of my own Rookie Mom Weekly Challenges, I am ultimately satisfied that my baby and I are enjoying each other. And that’s good enough.

I’m here to report on my adventures with Sawyer during months 7, 8, and 9:

26. Count your steps. C+. I’m currently off the pedometer bandwagon. I do like to use MapMyRun or Strava when I run. Does that count?

27. Take your baby swimming. ONCE. We got him into the water on a camping trip wearing a super suit; mostly, he wanted to eat the bacteria-laced sand. Poor thing, we only just started regularly bathing him.

28. Pack a picnic for a change. FAIL. I can’t think of one time we ate outside on a blanket.

29. Refresh your bedroom. I’ll say YES. We upgraded our own crib by moving house. Furniture and bedding is the same, but the walls are a new color.

30. Find a family-friendly pub. NOPE. But I did bring Sawyer to an 80’s party as my date. We danced together to Billy Idol’s Dancing With Myself and it felt all kinds of wrong.

31. Go out for just dessert. YES. We get desserts and babysitters with regularity. All hail the Mother’s Helper who eased me into being able to leave my baby in the evenings.

32. Patronize bookstore events for babies. C-. He has been to the library though.

33. Get a free 8×10 portrait taken. Kinda sorta. We had a family picture taken as part of a preschool fundraiser so I’m happy with my results though we didn’t make an outing of it.

34. Host a Margarita Mommies group. FAIL. Mommies, yes. Drunk mommies, not so much.

35. Get some new jeans. YES. I picked out a pair of Rockstar jeans from Old Navy for $30. Unfortunately, they get mixed reviews from me. On the plus side, they’re current, cheap, and stretchy enough to get on the floor with my baby. On the minus side, any baby carrier pushes them down to accentuate my muffin top and I show a lot of butt crack when I’m on said floor.

36. Send your partner out for a jog. Yes. Though we mostly run solo, we love our jogger.

37. Visit the pet store with your older baby. Nope, and he would love this.

38. Take a sensory tour of the neighborhood. Yes, Sawyer loves all stroller rides, especially those with narration.

39. Use the slide on the playground, baby style. We did this one a little late. Sawyer loves it.

baby on a swing

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[Photos by me except the awesome family photo is by Alessandra Cave]