Eating my own dogfood, months 4 to 6

If you’ve visited before, you might know that we’re all about getting out of the house and having more fun with your baby in tow. We started this site as our own brainstorm of fun things to do and we just couldn’t stop. One could even argue that I had another baby just to keep on testing myself.

Here’s a quick report on how well I’ve been taking my own advice with respect to the rookie mom challenges for Baby 3 Quarter 2 (nerd!):

14. Start your own breakfast club. I am so proud to say that I started hosting a baby-mama breakfast at my house every other Thursday morning and it is delightful. I’ve inadvertently enlisted another mom to bring coffee while I provide (or just accept) baked treats. It is super fun and very real. (Go ahead and check off number 3).

15. Leave your neighborhood. Yes, we even went to Chicago. But around town, I gotta be honest, we do not go on very many stroller walks. I could be better at this. Grade = B+.

16. Walk into nature. Yes! Sawyer has been in the baby carrier and off-road stroller for a few legitimate hikes. There were sticks, bugs, and dirt.

17. Become a cruise director.  I will give myself partial credit on this one. Since I am a working mom and not on maternity leave, I have less occasions to plan a full week of baby-centric fun. Sigh.

18. Check out the library. Uh oh, no storytime for Sawyer yet and I bet he’d love it!

19. Invite someone dangerous over for tea. Check. See number 14. Some of my tea party guests are downright dangerous and most had never been inside my home before.

20. Visit a farmers’ market Yes. Baby boy has been to farmers’ markets and food truck street fairs a few times. I expect we’ll do more during the summer.

21. Talk about something besides sleep. Check. There’s also preschool, kindergarten, potty training, blogging. Oh, wait. Was I supposed to talk about something other than children? Let me think. Ok, I got it. We just bought a bigger house and it is a fixer nightmare, so my real life friends get to hear all about asbestos, lead, termites, and going over-budget.

22. Play in another kind of nursery. Briefly. We bought some grassy shrubs, there wasn’t much butterfly ogling. We’ll have to do that again.

23. Build muscles at bootcamp. Big YES! I attended a wonderful session at a local place called Woohoo Fit. Loved it. Sawyer bonded with the caregiver and I got all sweaty.

24. Be a tourist in your own town. I may be a little late on this one, but we took all the boys to visit the iconic clock tower (the Campanile) on the UC Berkeley Campus the other week.

25. Host an ugly baby (clothes) contest. I haven’t done it. As much as I truly love this challenge, I chickened out. Maybe if I just called it silly I could do it.

26. Count your steps. I did this a bunch of times pregnant until I lost my fitbit. Boo.

Thanks all for keeping me honest. See also eating my own dogfood months 1 to 3.

How are you doing on your own challenges?