Eating my own dogfood in Berkeley

This morning I found myself walking up the street, wearing my baby, when she woke up. She, being five weeks old, was going to need to eat ASAP, and I was still two blocks from home. I noticed that the way she was positioned in the fauxby wrap I was wearing placed her face right against my breast. So I did what any flipping awesome second-time mom living in Berkeley would do: I nursed her while I walked. When I approached my door and entered the house with a key in one hand and a coffee cup in the other, diaper bag over my shoulder and baby’s mouth on my breast, I thought, “Damn, I’m good.”

Of course the last five weeks have had some crazy ups and downs. The downs are mostly during the screaming hours. The ups are mainly during the sleeping hours. But there are other ups to brag about, too. I have accomplished quite a few Rookie Mom outings and activities.

Let’s review my list:

Activity #455: Wrap your baby and stay warm – See picture.
Activity #38: Learn baby massage – I took a free class at Elephant Pharm this week. Next one is Aug 28.
Activity #494: Build a better Kleenex box – I sent a personalized Kleenex box with a picture of my baby to all three grandmothers.
Activity #17: Soothe that baby – Validating that a swaddled baby naps longer.
Activity #92: Go to the theater where crying is allowed – Scarlett’s first movie was Hairspray!
Activity #122: Say “Yes, thank you.” – I am pleased with myself because when my seven months pregnant friend Lisa asked how she could help, I told her to come over and hold Scarlett for 20 minutes while I go drive Julian to school. I’m proud of myself for saying “yes” to the help.
Activity #100: Get a pedicure – Heather and Milo came, too, and we sat in spa chairs while the babies sat in their carseats.
Activity #205: Meet a monkey at the zoo – Ok, this was really for Julian’s benefit, but the result of being #2 is that you get to go to the zoo when you are just a few weeks old.
Activity #361: Make some easy kids pants – I made a pair of tiny tiny pants for my tiny tiny girl out of a cute pink tshirt. It took about twenty minutes. Super fun to tell people I made them myself (when they comment).

So can I possibly keep this up next month?