Activity #383: Dump your purse

Spill it. What’s in that thing? Anything slimy? Anything that would make your former (cooler) self completely embarrassed?

custom made by WhitneyI tend to spend a lot of time with my son that my husband doesn’t witness… he has a fulltime job, you see, and probably imagines that what he doesn’t see simply doesn’t happen.

This means I have a few tricks up my sleeve (often in the form of portable snack food) that he doesn’t know about; it also means I’m hoarding some pretty weird stuff in my stylish tote purse that I carry every day (courtesy of Whitney that she probably now wishes she could rip from my hands and retire, but she can’t cuz she made it).

Yesterday (while not with baby), I found:

  1. a mini board book
  2. Holden’s socks and Robeez
  3. a pacifier on a leash
  4. some bubbles with a cool wand
  5. a miniature slinky
  6. some Veggie Booty in a ziplock

Now you have the option to streamline your purse (and thus your life) or just laugh at yourself and reload. Or make some piles, compost what was left inside, and move on

There’s also a flickr cluster for the voyeuristic purse-dumpers among you.