Drive and listen

Macally PodFM FM transmitter for iPodIf you are a naptime driver, you might want to consider getting some entertainment on board for your daily drives. My friend Sarah was happy with NPR while Gabriella napped, but if you’re high-tech, try some podcasts. If you are low-tech, try some books on tape.

I’m a new iPod owner, so I have been exploring the content on the iTunes store. There are many audiobooks and podcasts to browse. Important: I have this little gadget that lets me listen to my iPod in the car. Please, for the safety of all involved, do not be a jackass in headphones. Heather thanks you.

If you don’t already have an iPod, you can join for six months and get a free iPod Shuffle player.

Listen and learn. And you’ll have something more compelling to discuss than poop or sleep.

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