Dreaming of travel

My partner in crime (err, websiting) is in Mexico with her family and that has me dreaming of travel once again.

A not-very-secret family secret is that Holden was a honeymoon surprise. It sounds so romantic, I know.

In this case, Alec and I were in the middle of an around-the-world honeymoon for which we had given up our apartments and jobs in San Francisco to travel for six months. When the pregnancy test came back positive, we were kicked off of our African Safari rather unceremoniously at a Wimpy Burger in Tsumeb, Namibia. With morning sickness mounting and the responsibilities of being parents closing in on us, we brought the trip to an early end.

Since then, we’ve been wondering and fantasizing about how to get that travel vibe back into our lives. We both love the adventure of being parents… but it’s different than sleeping in a Basotho rondeval and then hiking to a hidden waterfall (or sleeping late in a four-star suite and waking just in time to indulge in the decadent brunch debauchery).

I know that bringing babies and toddlers on the road is possible and potentially even fun with the right preparation and attitude. So, I’d like to use this forum to do a little exploratory research and tap into the collective wisdom of those who have gone before me.

We’re going to try flying with our little family of four this summer for my brother’s wedding, but after that — I WANT ADVENTURE.
Are there any great “baby step” trips to get back into the swing of adventure travel with little ones? Fantastic family oriented cruises, chilled-out Thai beach resorts, cheap and easy igloo sleepovers?