Does your baby need a better name story?

I named my sons Holden, Milo, and Sawyer because I liked the sound of each of the names with our (in my opinion, hard-to-work-with) surname and, to a lesser degree, each other.

Not the best story, huh?

As I was speaking to some friends last night, another mom gave the “because we liked the sound of it” reason for her son’s name, Max. It occurred to me that maybe we owe our children a fictional special story to go with their names.

So rather than these half-truths, I could invent a more beautiful fiction citing family tradition and the poetic meaning of each, a story they can tell their classmates:

Holden, we named you after an average brand car in Australia where I’ve never been.

Milo, we named you after some hot chocolate that I have never tried.

Sawyer, we named you after a water filtration product that I have never used.

Then again, if I really cared about those things, I could have done it that way from the start. What do you think?