Do you do anything weird with your appliances?

Today Heather and I (and Sawyer) are headed for Chicago where we will be attending a Blogger Summit hosted by Kenmore. As my husband and I are actually in the market for a new range/oven/stove/whatever you want to call, you know, that big device that cooks food in the kitchen, I am extra interested in hearing about stoves/ovens/ranges/cooktops.

But, like any margarita lover, I won’t mind seeing a demo of a blender while we’re at it. With tequila in it. Okay? (My twitter friend Laura tells me that consumption of alcohol is critical to staying warm — and Chicago is a snowy 18 degrees currently.)

The question they’ve asked us, as a conversation starter, that I am now asking you is this one: Do you have any unusual, practical uses for your everyday appliances?

For example, our reader Elizabeth in Chicago told us on the Rookie Moms Facebook page that she leaves the oven light on as a nightlight in case anyone in her household wanders into the kitchen during the dark hours. Others warm up blankets and teddy bears in the dryer.

Myself, I just realized that the mac and cheese I usually take to potlucks to ensure my own child will eat SOMETHING could be made more enticing if I brought it in my slow cooker. Set it on potluck table plugged in to offer warm food. (Maybe everyone already knows that and I am a late bloomer when it comes to potluck protocol.)

Another blogger who will be attending, BusyDad, demonstrates using his stick mixer as a guitar accessory.

How about you? Do you have any appliance-related tricks up your sleeve? Do you store forks in your blender? Use your waffle iron to put cool patterns in your hair?

photo: TammyGreen