Do the chicken dance

Sometimes a baby just must be worn.  I have a distinct memory of marching up and down my stairs with Julian in my arms, just to get him to stop crying and relax.  If I had been smarter, or hadn’t just blown all my brain cells giving birth, I might have just worn him and saved my arms the trouble.  And, now as a sophomore mom, if Scarlett wasn’t already trained  to nap in her crib so well (yes, I am the best parent ever), I’d probably be stair climbing right now instead of typing at the computer.

I recently met Darcy, a woman who had the same experience as a new mom.  She, being a dancer, had a solution that was less monotonous than a staircase.  She danced.  She soothed her baby to sleep while getting her own heart rate up and toning muscles.  Call it overachieving, or call it crafty, but I have to give her a (virtual) high five for figuring out how to get something for herself out of a marathon soothing session.

If you are like me, you are not going to do this yourself. You might need someone to boss you around, er, I mean guide you.  And Darcy put her work out on a video, so now you have it.  It’s called Chicks-n-Chickens Lullaby Exercises and the DVD shows a room full of baby-wearing women getting a workout.

No time for the gym? Restless baby? Here you go.

What do you think? Would you try it? Does your baby demand to be worn?

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