Hall of fame: Even more DIY Halloween costumes (Part III)

Don’t miss parts one and two of this series!

Finally, it’s October, and we feel like we have permission to talk about homemade costumes for babies even more incessantly. But I also want to share that mega-site BuyCostumes.com has a ginormous selection of costumes if making something is not happening in your household. They have a referee costume that I’m tempted to buy for my husband since our son wants to be a football player. There’s also a Princess Leia get-up for adult women that would make many of you the coolest mom alive, I bet. There’s also a sexy Princess Leia – NOT KIDDING – that might make you the coolest wife alive.

I think this link will get you a 15% discount on the site. If I screwed that up, I apologize.

This is a true Hall of Fame, because some of these pictures have lived in my files for five or more years. Witness Caley’s DIY knight accessories. The whole homemade costume utilized her discarded belt and the hood of a favorite old sweatshirt.

Secret Agent Josephine’s merbaby is probably The Cutest Thing On The Internet

My friend Laurie sent me this link last week. Wee Society designed a handful of costumes that use brown paper grocery bags as their base.

Photos on this post show how to make all of them.

Internet friend and fellow Bay Area parent, Leah, made this costume for her firstborn for his first Halloween.

Zoodies – A crafty mama has transformed hoodies into a whole line of animal costumes, available in sizes 6 months and up in her online store. Totally will be worn again!

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