Disaster time: what to grab in ten minutes

What would you grab if you had 10 minutes to clear out of your house for an emergency?

Let’s imagine a scenario — scary as it is — in which there was some regional disaster and you had to evacuate your home, but you had about 10 minutes to grab what you can carry and get the heck out.

First, I’d start with the kids. On a normal day, getting them into the car can take more than my allotment, but I’ll assume that I have my super-mom adrenaline going and I can do it in about four minutes.

Second, I’d grab my emergency backpack which includes groovy stuff like a handcrank flashlight/cell phone charger and practical things like water and peanut butter. That’ll take one minute because it’s already packed.

Third, with my remaining five minutes, I’d want to grab all the sentimental things: photos and old travel journals that I never look at, my half-finished time capsule for each boy… but really mostly the photos. In goes the computer and (hopefully) power cord with backup drive. Two minutes including wrestling the cords into submission.

Fourth, the practical. That’s mostly handled by the computer and disaster plan but I’m sure I’d want my cell phone, camera, charger… am I out of time yet?

If not, I grab a laundry basket and start acting all crazy and grabbing photo frames, toys, warm socks, layers, shoes, snacks. Why am I not better prepared?!

Finally, Alec comes back in with his travel coffee mug and jumbo Nalgene and asks if I’m ready. I shrug and hope for the best.

So, what would YOU grab if you had ten minutes to get out of your house?

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What to do:

Write a post on your blog about what you would grab in 10 minutes. Post anytime through Thursday, April 30 and include a link to this post. Comment below letting us know where to find your post.

What can you win?Cal Volunteers Disaster Kit

We’ve got 12 different disaster prep kits to give away at random. They’re each valued at ~$25. Plus the peace of mind that goes with thinking about this topic once in a while (priceless!).

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Other ways to earn entries to win:

  1. Don’t have a blog? Leave us a comment with what you’d grab with 10 minutes before clearing the eff out of your house.
  2. On twitter? Tweet out our blog carnival for another entry to win a kit (we’re @rookiemoms on twitter). Paste a link to your tweet in the comment form below.

Our little contest ends April 30th, at bedtime Pacific.