Dinner together – do you do it? (Sponsored)

Tell me about your dinner rituals. Are you driven by treasured memories of the way you grew up or by a determination to compensate for what you never had? Or do work schedules dictate a barely-make-it-to-the-table-and-it’s-witching-hour-so-I’ll-just-eat-cereal-at-9-pm practice in your household?

My role in the kitchen has changed radically since I’ve had kids. My husband and I ate out a lot as DINKs and when we ate in, it was tortellini from a package with jarred red sauce. Extra credit for a side vegetable was rarely earned.

Now, we sit down as a family at least four nights each week. There are always veggies — and I am the chef! (How did this happen?)

I hopped on the phone recently with Christine Koh of Boston Mamas and Kim Tracy Prince to discuss. Although I know both of these women, it was a Momversation production that brought us together for this promotional video which involved a whole lot of microphone check 1-2‘s and technical difficulties. But in the end, it worked out so smoothly!

Thanks to Ragú and Momversation for including me on this panel as part of their Mom’s The Word on Dinner programming. I adore Christine and Kim and would love to talk to them more often. Check out the full conversation between moms on the Ragú® Facebook page.