Desperately seeking: replacement lovey

I just got back from a two week vacation Out East with Alec and the boys. We flew five hours from SFO to Cleveland (where I’m from) and the next day drove about ten hours to Upstate New York to enjoy a friend’s wedding celebration and the other amazing lake/mountain activities.

Unfortunately Milo’s most treasured lovey, Monty the Monkey, did not make the whole trip with us. We left him somewhere in the Cleveland airport or on flight 254 (with wonderful flight attendant Beth who fawned over my kids and the pilot — codenamed Pilot Captain Driver — who let Holden work the controls on the way out of the airplane).

Today, as I packed up his school blankie (Tsumeb, the lion who soothed him all vacation long), I freaked out about how we’re going to play this. Do I bring T home every night and back to school every morning? Of course not. Do I run out and buy a replacement monkey just as soon as I can? Of course I do!

After hitting all my local lovey stores with no luck, I searched and found a good and fair priced selection on and ordered two. They’re usually about $12 in person, and these are only $10. And I would have paid for expedited shipping so I suppose I’m a total freak!

And I suppose while I wait for them to arrive, I will run Tsumeb back and forth a bit.