Activity #488: Decorate for V-day

I gave Asha this post for ParentHacks, but realized we should have it here as well.

My husband says they are hideous, but we already have window decorations up for Valentine’s day, and my three- year old BOY says, “I love them. They are beautiful.”

valentine fabricI got out all my fabric and told him that Valentine’s colors are red, pink and purple. We picked out any fabric with those colors and spread them across the floor. I cut symmetrical hearts by folding pieces in half and then cutting a tear-drop shape. Our quick and dirty method of decorating was to tape the hearts to our front window. If my partner in crime were seven- or eight years old instead of three, I would have cut smaller hearts to glue in the larger ones, and then safety pinned them to a long piece of ribbon. But my son has no patience for a 30-minute project. Our method took about ten minutes.

Since we’re trying to declutter (always), I was happy to make use of some scraps!