Date night at home with Cook SF

Cook SF asked if they could deliver a meal kit to me and Heather. Um, you had us at “deliver.”

(Sorry all you non-locals.)

Whitney says:

I looked at their website and it says “We do the shopping, washing, chopping, dicing, marinating and sauce making and then neatly package all the ingredients into our Gourmet Meal Kits.” They totally get my fantasy.

I liked the food alright, and we rarely have fish at home, so that was exciting, but what I like best is the kit element. Everything was in a well-sealed container. Totally fresh, not frozen. And quite good.

My friend Christine recently told me that she was inspired by my having a babysitter every single Friday night. She has a 4 year old and a newborn. She said that although they’re not going to go out every week, she and her husband are definitely going to have a date every week.

I think a gourmet meal kit is a fantastic way to add something special to the evening. Put the kids to bed early and huddle over your delivered cooler bag together to explore the contents. Prepare a meal that you’d never have invented for yourself and enjoy!

Heather says:

Add to Whitney’s fantasy that this gourmet meal kit came on a Wednesday, my husband’s work from home day, and all I had to do was show up at home to get a fresh tasty, creative family meal.

Though the size of the meal was intended for two adults, we had no problem divvying it up with a three-year old and fifteen-month old.

Alec prepared the Southeast Style Catfish and enjoyed doing it. Milo and I ate it up. Holden, not so much. He also assembled the Mango mung bean noodle salad. Holden loved it. Me and Milo not so much. We all loved the rice and dipping sauce. And Alec finished all the leftovers.

Thank you Cook SF for allowing us to be guinea pigs. Whether it’s date night or family dinner with ease… it’s all good. I recommend this as a great post-partum gift for the local crowd (especially if you can get Daddy to assemble the food!).

And for bigger occasions:
Cook SF can make you look like a superstar if you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year. Pay a little extra for total peace of mind and a fabulous dinner.

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