Date night in: Let’s get cooking!

New parents owe themselves date nights. Regular, frequent, child-free nights of enjoying each other’s company. If the kids must be around, I think its fair to dress them up as waiters or maids and have them serve you.

When some nice folks at Nintendo offered to send me the Nintendo DSi new game from America’s Test Kitchen (Let’s Get Cooking!) along with groceries to try some at-home dinner date fun, I jumped at the chance. America’s Test Kitchen is already one of my favorite sources for how to cook food right the first time, and they did not disappoint. Thanks guys!

What was awesome
I loved having a creative, sneaky, geeky date night all planned out in advance. The Let’s Get Cooking! game divided up our jobs based on timing and our skill level (so you could make your older kids cook for you – yay!) and the chicken turned out really delicious.

all the steps for indoor bbq chicken

What was not awesome
The voice-activated instructions from the game were also activated by the ambient noise of us talking and cooking; the ceaseless prompts from the DS were both hilarious and annoying.

Imagine the voice of your GPS on a romantic roadtrip

Once the homemade barbecue chicken was finished, there was no side dish, salad, starch, or dessert so it was a lonely little plate of food. I would have really liked for the “game” to suggest appropriate side dishes and incorporate their preparation at the same time (like my Dinner Dates book does).

We added toast and broccoli at the last minute

The dessert that we had in mind (chocolate pot de creme!) required four hours of chilling, so it was not ready until later in the week. Boo.

Bottom Line
We enjoyed our cooking experience and the food, albeit on separate days. We will probably try it again next time we need a little guidance on date night. If you already have a DS or DSi, I think this game is a fun addition to your arsenal.


Disclosure: Representatives of Nintendo sent me a DSi, this game, and groceries. I appreciate their kindness.