Dangerous baby photo inspiration from Someday I’ll Learn

I am excited to share more fun photos to share with you from Chelsea and Nate Day. I call these the Danger Baby series.

Degree of Difficulty = EASY

Baby driving a car
Baby driving a car, just add parked car. 

Degree of Difficulty = Medium

Is that a baby or a football?

Baby as football, just add strong arm

Baby flying through the air
Baby flying, be careful.

Degree of Difficulty = Advanced

Eek, baby in the road!
Baby in the empty road, eek! Scary.

Baby in a Shark's Mouth
Just add shark.

Chelsea and Nate blog at Someday I’ll Learn about all the stuff they didn’t learn in college about being grown-ups and having a family. We thank them for sharing these terrific photos. I’d love to see any pictures you have of your danger baby!