Daddy doesn’t have time for lines

tickle me elmoWhy do we own a Tickle-Me-Elmo? Because from time to time my husband determines that following a hot trend is a worthwhile experience that keeps his white-collar-indie-rock-loving butt connected to mainstream America. And because he thought it would be funny to see my expression when my son, who could not have cared less about Elmo at age barely-two, opened the gift on Christmukkah morning.

Since Ryan doesn’t have time to drive around to various stores, nor the personality type to head out for Target at 6 am to mingle with the masses on a special holiday shopping day, he simply created himself an RSS feed to track the presence of the product in a few online stores. When it became available, BAM, click and add to cart.

Same thing when he wanted to buy me a Nintendo Wii, ‘xcept this was a few years later so he got the alert sent to him via SMS. The dude is brilliant, I tell you.

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