Good-looking maternity clothes? Forget the mall.

While my mom and I did have a successful shopping trip this weekend, I must confess that I become irate as soon as I start interacting with the sales people at Mimi Maternity. But that’s a rant for another day.

Let’s stay positive, people. Positively pregnant. If that’s possible.

What I have trouble finding is normal-looking clothes that will fit my pregnant body. I don’t want to wear a floral shirt with a tie around the back everyday from now until July. Enter – an online maternity store with cute! maternity clothes! See, a brown hoodie. That’s what I’m talking about.

Also, I’m missing my ability to wear graphic tees, and no thank you, I don’t want one that has some saying about bellies or angels. How about this striped tee with the graffiti-style heart? Yes, thank you.

And, yes, there is a sale section. Not a true bargain basement sale, as nothing seems to be below $34, however, these are not Target duds, and will likely fit much better. (Don’t get me started on Target maternity. I have actually cried because I was stuck in itchy maternity pants at work and could not stop itching.)

hug me baby sweaterKeep up the good work, Belly Dance, and we’ll come back for your baby clothes department in a few months. The sale items, of course.

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