Crusing around in a minivan

If you ask Milo why he’s excited about a new baby coming to live with us, he will mention the word “minivan” within a few enthusiastic sentences. We told the boys we’d get a minivan to soften the blow of having another kid in the house. It worked like a charm.

Before we borrowed a deluxe, kitted-out Toyota Sienna (AKA Swagger Wagon) with video screens and a heap of fancy features, both boys were already enamored by the remote control doors. After riding in one for a week, they were sold.

Not my kid, but do you see how happy he is?

As I mentioned, the kids LOVED it. Within minutes of me picking them up at school for our week-long roadtrip down the California coast, they discovered the video screens, footrests, and controls for the dual sun-roofs.

On the road, I honestly don’t know how they found anything to complain about, but being trapped in the backseat with your brother for 9 hours in a row gets old even in the lap of luxury and your choice of movie.

Alec was the first to discover the smart cruise control features. The car slows down on its own if you get too close to the vehicle in front of you. Very cool. I relied on the parking assist features and gradually got more comfortable driving and stopping in town.

Proper name is Sienna XLE not swagger wagon

My sister-in-law loves hers. Truth be told, driving such a large vehicle feels a little bit like being pregnant: I’m constantly afraid I’ll misjudge my own girth and hurt somebody. For now, we are back in our small car in nervous anticipation of the day a minivan and a baby arrive to stay.