Creative Father’s Day gift: One memorable photo

When my step-dad turned 50, I gave him a framed black and white photograph of the venue where he married my mom, a Spanish-style courthouse in Santa Barbara, CA.

I bought it on one of the stock photography sites and had it framed.

Using stock photography as art in your home

Whether or not a photograph is your style or you are more of a graphical poster home, a piece of art that commemorates where you met, or perhaps a pre-parenthood vacation, is a sweet Father’s Day gift.

Here are three different takes on the same place, the Santa Barbara County Courthouse, for example. (All have watermarks because I did not buy the rights to the photos.)

From, where you’ll find a variety of styles, and options for framing.

Gift idea for your parents: A photo of their wedding venue

From, where you’ll just buy the print, which can be very cheap – like $19 – and have it printed and frame it yourself. (Make sure to purchase a 300 DPI image – that’s meant for print.)

Historic Santa Barbara California County Courthouse

From which has a huge library and lots of framing options. This may be the easiest option, though what you buy is more like a poster, and less a framed photograph.

Father's Day Gift: Poster of a special place in your lifeOther places to start your search: Corbis, istockphoto, or shutterstock.

Does your partner have a crush on an historical hero or an obsession with a favorite food? These can be subjects of wall art, too. Just find the right room in the house.

Father's Day ideas

From searching “Muhammad Ali” on

We have hundreds of naked people laying in the middle of New York’s Times Square in our bathroom. (Maybe “Keep nudes in the bathroom” is a rule of thumb?)

Wall art ideas for Father's Day