Activity #562: Count the days with a paper chain

We have been doing a simple advent calendar with Julian, each numbered door revealing a piece of chocolate after dinner. The excitement is building as the doors are ripped off and Santa’s Hannukah Harry’s arrival grows closer. He has been tuned in to which day of the week it is for a while now, but hearing him say, “is it the 9th?” really amuses me.

Another way to countdown days – one that could be applied to any event your family is anticipating – is with a paper chain. Use seasonal wrapping paper or magazine pages. Cut strips, loop them into circles, and tape or staple. I’m hoping you don’t need more of a tutorial than that.

I suggest this today, because it is maybe a little late to get an advent calendar and have to gobble up 10 pieces of chocolate for every day in December you’ve missed (although I did see them at Target for $0.99 and the pieces of chocolate are really small…) With a paper chain, you could count days until Hannukah, until Uncle Jake arrives, until big boy underwear have been earned, until the driver’s license has been granted, etc.

paper chainGift idea: Want to delegate administration of this task to Grandma? Buy a kit from Big Day Chains.

Designer Kristin Adams Litke makes them for wedding day countdowns, birthday countdowns, and baby arrival countdowns. Anyone on your list with a planned c-section in their future? Consider the baby version.