Collect the alphabet

When I saw this on girl with fabric’s website, I immediately asked to borrow the idea. Turns out she saw a variation of it on Ohdeedoh, but either way, I think there are countless creative ways to riff on this idea.

You might set it up as a nursery decoration – the alphabet in it’s entirety – as fabric girl has done.

nursery letters alphabet

Or, make it an ongoing project to work on with your preschooler – whenever you’re out and about or on a special vacation, finding a letter to add to your letter collection would be a little thrill. Any reason to take Julian to thrift stores is exciting for me, and we have a bunch of awesome salvage stores around here that sell old signs. Surely a good place for us to start.

If you want to just do the whole thing upfront, you’ll probably have to buy and decorate some letters yourself. Fabric girl used mod-podge and papers. I might try fabric. Other ideas?

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