12 Clutter-Free Gifts for Grandparents

Clutter-free Gifts for Grandparents

Theater tickets?

  1. Tickets to a performance. Would your parents dig Kinky Boots or Jersey Boys?
  2. Donation to a favorite cause. Public Radio perhaps or a creative Kiva gift.
  3. Good eats. True locavore goodness: bring them a basket of the best stuff from your Farmer’s Market. Dark chocolate is a brain booster, check out the poco dolce tiles.
  4. Good drinks. Order a subscription to a monthly wine or coffee club.
  5. A class. Enliven an old passion like pottery or photography or encourage a new one with a foreign language or yoga class.
  6. Restaurant discounts. If they eat out a lot and if there are some good choices in their city, restaurant.com certificates are a great deal. Otherwise, choose a straight-up gift certificate to a known favorite place.
  7. A Kindle. For the bookworm grandparents, the Kindle Paperwhite is a clutter-saver and a backache-saver. For non-reading, non-techy folks, it is clutter. Higher end models also stream videos, too.
  8. Wireless digital frame. Like the kindle, in the right hands, these wireless frames can streamline a mantle and a refrigerator. We like this one by PixStar. (Routine tech support from you probably required.)
  9. Walking tours. If they live near a major city or have plans to visit one, arrange for an outing that’s educational and interesting.
  10. Family portrait session. A multi-generational picture by a professional will provide pictures that can be handed down forever. No matter your style, a pro is going to produce something better than those ones you keep emailing them from your iPhone.
  11. Birthday kit. Best for grandparents who are older, this is a DIY project. Create a binder with family birthdays listed and provide enough birthday cards (and stamps!) for your grandparents to stay on top of the important dates.
  12. Weekend alone with your kids. Oh wait, they should give that to you! See if you can pass this off as a gift rather than a favor. If not, you can however, purchase a museum membership for them to some place in their city. (And if it’s a children’s museum, they’ll enjoy it when they’re on duty.)

Whitney’s Father In Law would also like to offer up what grandparents don’t want: things that make them do work like blank books to fill out together or family tree charts. {Uh oh, does that mean that my babysitting idea is out?!}

Share any other great grandparent gift ideas in the comments below!