Cheaping out in Berkeley

I started “no buying new things” month on Friday. And it’s going pretty well. Except for I’m not exactly saving money since things like “expensive exercise class” are not *things* and are allowable.

Some highlights:

  • I found a never-worn skirt in my closet for my fancy dinner date with Alec. I even wore it with the tags on in case it didn’t work out so I could make it look more desirable at the clothing swap (but that was weird of me).
  • Talked two co-workers into joining me on my mission and we celebrated by eating lunch out at a restaurant. At least it wasn’t take-out but maybe we should have walked to the cafe if we’re really trying to reduce our global footprint. Hmmm.
  • My sister-in-law birthed a brand new (VBAC, you go girl!) niece for me on Friday and I’ve assembled a nice gift box of a home-made baby wrap, baby necessities (like infant tylenol and zinc), and a gift certificate for food.
  • No other shopping. Yet.

I also found a great list for fresh inspiration on making toys out of ordinary objects; Milo’s first birthday is this month, so he may be cashing in on this find.This site has so many good ideas to clean up my life. If I get around to it. Maybe while I’m lying around the house not buying new stuff this month, I’ll make time? Nah.

Ok, now that I think of it, we have a bunch of related RM activities:
Activity #221: Play choo choo in a laundry basket
Activity #222: Have a (yoga) ball
Activity #80: Fake em out
Activity #123: Introduce the Tupperware

And then there’s the whole free/cheap ideas category for outings and non-toy fun.