Celebrity Moms – They’re Not Just Like Us: Demi Moore Edition

They have matching mother-daughter mermaid like hair that is tamed by professionals. Here Demi Moore is shown with her daughter, Rumer (I think) Tallulah (thanks Stephanie!), sporting some very natural-looking hair that took hours to shape.

demi the mermaid

I have crazy curly, frizzy hair that is unwashed and unkempt. If I’m extremely lucky, it will spontaneously twirl and swirl its own self into mermaid tendrils. But that would probably only happen on some magic work-from-home day when nobody would see me.

If you have an extra two hours to get your own hair doing the mermaid thing, Suki Duggan from Donsuki Salon in NYC tells us how:

  1. Section hair into 1-2 inch pieces
  2. Roll each section and pin as you go. .
  3. After the rollers have cooled, run a comb through your hair to get large, soft waves. A spritz of hairspray should hold the style for the day.