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The continuing quest for work life balance. And lack thereof.

Happy at Work, Happy at Home?

happy at work happy at home

If you think there’s a chance you can be mistaken for a non-parent who can Work Hard and Play Hard just like any other twenty-something-single dude, then, by all means, don’t read this book. If, however, you are struggling along (like the rest of us) to find some BALANCE between those conflicting forces of guilt […]

Getting to 50/50 book review


Getting to 50/50 is very well-researched and chock full of data. In fact, if you were committed to the SAHM-life before reading it, beware, this book might have you throwing out your diaper bag for a laptop bag. I originally posed the question, “are you already at 50/50?” a few weeks ago. Here’s my nitty […]

One seriously crappy week

Last night, Alec and I were trying to enjoy a romantic dinner at Cafe Cacao — a lovely chocolate-themed restaurant attached to the soon-to-be closing Scharffen Berger Chocolate Factory. We both seemed exhausted, frazzled, and just ick. Dinner was awesome. I had a delectable cocoa and chili powder filet mignon that I had been craving […]

Pump it up


Since Julian never took a bottle, I was really scared into making sure Holden would take one, so he got one bottle each day since he was three weeks old (at least three times a week and no more than once a day). My best tips for pumping: Free your hands. Get the easy expression […]